[US] Bushy Realistic Damage PVP [Airdrops|TPA|Custom Plugins]

Bushy Realistic Damage PVP

net.connect pvp.busheezy.me:28015

The Rundown
○ Increased PVP Damage
○ Custom Plugins
○ Fast Paced Combat
○ No Bloat

Hello everyone. I’ve recently started a new server that I will be tweaking in any way I seem fit. I’m an Oxide plugin developer who wants to make a different feeling server. You might and probably have seen some of my plugins.
Currently this server has increased damage with all weapons PVP. Any headshot from a gun with instantly kill a person. It probably will only take two shots from center mass from any other weapon. Any damage done to any other body parts has been increased 20%. Bleed damage has been increased 20%. If you melee a person from behind it is an instant kill. I have the server set to be day time at all times. It still cycles through different shades of day, but it shouldn’t ever be night. Everybody starts with a standard loadout with multiple guns and ammo.

I have a couple of plugins of mine you won’t see released are on the server. This included my simplified death messages, seeing damage done to a person on your screen, server ranking, killing sprees, and other random stuff that I can’t think of.
There are of course other plugins that you’ve seen on other servers. I have airdrops, TPA (my own), PMs, ping, and other random stuff. I usually rewrite all of my plugins to be lightweight to reduce lag as much as possible.

There will always be admins online, but they may not be in game. Just use Bushy Report and type “/report <player> <reason>” and we will all get a message to our steam.
I have a mumble server at mumble.busheezy.me with the default port. Please respect the other channels.

Feel free to make any suggestions.

Ive been playing on the server for the past 2 days and its great because when you hit people they die. i was sorta getting fed up with using the guns at all in the game. its great fun, and with more people forming bands of people its just gunna keep on getting better. Bush is also a sexy beast. so come play.