[US]BWH InstaCraft|DoorS|RareC4|CustomLoot|Friendly Admins|Wiped 1/15/2014

Server Name: [US]BWH InstaCraft|DoorS|RareC4|CustomLoot|Friendly Admins

Server IP: net.connect (Paste into console[F1])

Slots: 150

Location: Washington D.C.


Active and Friendly Admins
Low Latency
PvP Enabled (But Friendlies still able to be found)
Instant Craft
Door Sharing
Custom Loot Tables
Limited C4
Limited Military Equipment
Easy Access to Admins
No Sleepers
Fix for the “Suicide Hack”


  1. Hacking will be met with a permanent ban.
  2. Reports of hacks REQUIRE proof.
  3. Intentional exploiting/glitching will be treated the same as hacking.
  4. No advertising other servers.
  5. No racially offensive language.
  6. No spamming chat.
  7. Basic understanding of written English is required. You don’t have to be extremely fluent, but know the basics.

Server Info: We recently started the server (1/15/14) in response to the inactivity and poor behavior of the admins of other servers. We are hoping to fix this and create a fun and mature environment to play in. There will be an admin online at almost all times of the day ready to assist anyone. The server is still being actively developed into a more well rounded experience. Thank you for your time.

Come have a great time!

Really great server! Friendly people and nice admins. There are a few small things that the admin is working on and getting setup, but other than that everything is wonderful!

Thanks for all the positive feedback :smiley:



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We are working on a lot of new things coming towards the server such as arena with rewards! We will begin having many different type of events that are PvE and PvP oriented. Currently we are working towards server events and prizes for those who participate in them. Our website is current in development, but we would love to see you on the server! So come try it out with us have a laugh, a cry, or just have fun!