US/CA ViolentGentlemen RUST Server Adult Admins - Friendly Players & Admins - See post for details

Server IP -
Clan Site -

Last Wipe - March 23 2014

InGame Settings
Crafting Speed -** Instant**
PVP -** Friends enabled and friendly fire turned off**
Sleepers -** ON**
Fall Damage -** ON**
Airdrops - every 45mins min 10 players
Admin - Friendly, Active and Adult/Mature
Time Mode -** Normal Cycle**

Running the following plugins:

Building Manager - Share, destroy and control your buildings and bases
ClanTag - Make a clan, join a clan, survive!
GatherPlus - Running at 2x (Double Resources)
Teleport + Home - Find your friends faster and set a home position.


Double Resources added