[US] Caerbannog - Wow. Such Server.

Welcome to Caerbannog, land of the Killer Rabbit. This is a brand new server hosted in Chicago, IL, with dedicated administration. We love the game, and we’d love to play it with the community.

PVP is enabled on our server, but we promise not to violently gnaw on your jugular. Any abusers are kicked, and repeat offenders are permabanned (all PvP deaths are logged). Our admins are active, and are willing to aid new players. Any other time, you’ll find us upgrading our fortress near the center of the map. Random air drops are called in when appropriate, and Supply Signals are rewarded for outstanding acts of awesome. Always looking for new players; clans are welcome. We will soon be implementing new features (all requests taken and considered). Stay tuned for announcements.

Current features include:
-Death Logging
-Remover Tool (and full Vinegar for Admins)
-Teleportation Requests (/tpa “Name” to request, /tpaccept to accept)

Fresh restarts on the first weekend of each month. Some structures will be retained.

Want to connect to our server? Open Rust, press F1, and type: net.connect

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Bump. We’re online tonight! Come on in, the water is fine.