[US|CAN] Todd's Classic Rust | Sleepers | PVP | Fairplay - FRESH WIPE 2/3/2014!


Fresh wipe done on 2/3/2014 @ 5PM East!!

I would like to introduce a new server! I have decided to set up a server after having spent considerable time on a few different servers, each with the eventual outcomes of discovering severe admin abuse, or hacking without any communication from the admins about it. Rust in it’s current form is heavily affected negatively by any admins abuse or hacking, and for this reason, we have a zero hacking tolerance policy, and vow to never abuse admin powers. I love this game, and want to be able to enjoy the same game play experience everyone else does.

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Server Name: [US|CAN] Todd’s Classic Rust | Sleepers | PVP | Fairplay
Server IP:
Server Max Pop: 100 Players
Sleepers: ON
Airdrops: ON [Currently set at 10 players required]

General Server Information

-Classic gameplay! No changes that affect core gameplay
-Sleepers enabled
-PVP enabled
-Default passage of time (cycles)
-Airdrops starting from 10 people or more in-game
-No wipes unless absolutely necessary!
-Active admin support
-NO admin abuse


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))




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