[US] - Caveman Gangwars - [PVP-Sleepers] [99% up time] [Wiped]

Server Browser Name: [US]CAVEMAN GANGWARS[PVP-Sleepers][99% up]
Connection IP:
Location: Chicago IL, USA (~70 ping on west coast)
Maximum Player Slots: 128
Description: New player friendly core community. (There will be bad apples)

Join Us!
Find [US]CAVEMAN GANGWARS[PVP-Sleepers][99% up] in the Community server tab. Alternatively, you can open the console (F1) and type (or paste) net.connect

Admins are generally passive here. Teleports are the extent of influence we will have on our players. Remember, this game is about surviving on your own merits. Be smart, enjoy the experiment, and don’t give up!

We know once you’ve chosen a home, to be denied access to it is frustrating. That’s why we pay a premium for the best server. Our provider’s global average up time and ping to both coasts are outstanding, and we think you’ll appreciate this as much as we do :).