[US CEN] RP Gaming MODS/ActiveAdmins/PVP/AirDrop@20/Dur@1/2

Freshly wiped server 3/11 with great admins who concentrate on keeping hackers out and good legit players in. Once the server population is where we want it we plan on whitelisting the server when admins aren’t on to keep hackers out and opening it to the public during admin hours. Come check us out!

[US CEN] RP Gaming MODS/ActiveAdmins/PVP/AirDrop@20/Dur@1/2/NOCFT C4

Some Mod Include:

History|Death Handler|Fps Booster|Door Share|Admin Removal (For Misplaced Pillars Only) |Econ | and more!

With the Econ mod and bounty, we are trying to inspire people to work more and encourage PVP. The Econ mod has a custom buy and sell list, all of which will be updated once players are in and using more and more money. The airdrops are currently operated by admins, there will be one airdrop a day after 10 people have connected to the server. We have also updated and changed the night-time cycle from 15 to 5.

We also have starter towns throughout the map, keep an eye out for these!

No Admin Abuse:

We hate it when admins ruin the game, too. We admins bought the game so that we could have fun, just like you. None of our admins use their powers for much of anything other than the Status function and Events. We don’t spawn anything for ourselves or for anyone else. We don’t use god mode, we don’t teleport, we don’t anything. Period. The only time we use admin powers is to clean the server of hackers or extremely intensively vulgar players. Hacking and exploiting is NOT TOLERATED period

The current server admins are :


Special PvP Events!

Currently we have one arena for three different types of events which are:

  • Small arena for 1v1 or 2v2. Wanna bash your friend’s face in with a rock? Well you can do that and get a prize for it. Although it might be a little bit harder while having to avoid grenades!

  • Big arena made for 5v5 squad gameplay. In the big arena we let participants have free reign. No rules whatsoever, they just do what they have to do to win in the big arena against the other 5-man team.

Community Driven Server:

We want to have a server where the players opinions count. If you don’t like something or think we need to change some things, let us know. We want people to have fun

Connection IP:


To Connect Through The Console Hit F1 In Rust Type net.connect and copy and paste the ip


We have a good tight nit server here guys join us

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Hope to see yall soon!