[US CEN]RuinNation FactionKits:Police|B-Hunter|Bandit|Survivor : Looking for Admins/Mods!

[US CEN]RuinNation FactionKits:Police|B-Hunter|Bandit|Survivor
Press F1 and paste this in to join us: net.connect


Hello, I’ve come up with a server based on FactionKits. Using the Oxide Mod, I use three plugins to give kits to player who rank up based on kills (Flags, Adv Kits, and Ranks). The reason I started this server was because the other servers I played on had either inactive or abusive admins. I wanted to make a server that had active admins who are friendly and will take the time to listen to the community when ever they have a question, concern, or complaint.

We originally started with 6 admins. However, three left Rust for ArmaIII and DayZ. The other two admins help pay for the server, but aren’t very active and do not help with admin responsibilities when they are online. I’ve created a decent amount of regular players on my server (about 50 are online as I type this).

So I’m looking for new admins. If you are interested send me a message. Below I will write what I expect out of people who I would want to be an admin.

Age: 18+
Fluent in English
Mature and polite
Experience in Programming (JavaScript or LUA)
Willing to work instead of just play
Patient with players (no matter how annoying)
Absolutely no admin abuse

Oxide LUA Plugins:
Specialized Faction Kits
Bounty System
Economy System
Chat History (/history)
Day Settings (Full day, with 30 sec instacraft nights)
Death Messages
Door Share
Kits (Custom Kits)
Players ("/players" shows players)
MOTD (Message of the Day)
Owner Removal (Remove placed objects)
Polling System
Ranking System
Stats (Shows kills/deaths)


  • Ranked based kits
  • Door Sharing, private messaging, and view-able player count (/players).
  • No Admin Abuse - Admin tools are not allowed for personal reasons. Only allowed to help stuck players/ban hackers.
  • Hackers will be banned immediately
  • Modified crafting and loot tables
  • Sleepers enabled to prevent combat logging
  • Frequent events | Every Sunday we host arena pvp battles (winner gets a pick of a Steam game!) |

If you have any suggestions/comments/questions or want to report hackers/admin abuse, please contact me at admin@rust-ruin-nation.com


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Also, you may request to be a mod. Let me know if you have any questions in regards to any of the responsibilities.