[US]Cen/Sleep/Vanilla/Wiped 5/9 NoDura Active/admins/Arena

If you and your fellow teammates are tired of cheaters and abusive admins then our server is the server for you!

Server Info:

Server IP - (Use the console command net.connect to join the server)
Server Name - [US]Cen/Sleep/Vanilla/Wiped 5/9 NoDura Active/admins/Arena
Admin contact - RustyLand2014@gmail.com

Server features:

  • Vanilla server
  • No durability
  • Two arenas (one small/large) with tons of different games and prizes to win
  • Active, friendly admins
  • Airdrops @ 20+

Server Rules:

  1. No hacking or glitching
  2. No advertising of any kind
  3. No placing structures on or in someone else’s structure in order to render it unusable (Perma Griefing)

In order to report hackers, griefers and glitchers:

  1. Record a video (screen shots not acceptable) that makes it obvious to see who the player is
  2. Please send video files to our admin email: RustyLand2014@gmail.com