[-]US CENT PVP/SLP|1/4 Craft|Cheatpunch|Events|2/18


Hello Everyone,

We have a Brand new rust server up and running it’s a Central based 100 slot server cheat punch is active.


What we’re offering for the first set of players to come!
First 15 players get 150 wood planks and 2 Metal doors.

15/15 Claimed

We have these mods installed on the server as of now.
door share, death/kill notifications, stats and leaderboards, and starter kits which are
" Hatchet": 1
“Cooked Chicken Breast”: 10,
“Sleeping Bag”: 1,
“Arrow”: 20,
“Hunting Bow”: 1

Hatchet Kit
“Hatchet” 1

We made the server since most servers we been on didn’t have many active admins online or if it did it would be roughly 2-3 admins and they were really bad at handling anything and just constantly abuse their powers.

There is 3 active admins as of now and a helpful ticket system to help resolve your problems fast.


We also have an airdrop system in place which is based on the amount of people online. It’s also tier based so the more people that are online the more loot/higher amount of loot.

In-game Daytime has up to 5 potential airdrops depending on the players.

15 People = 1 Tier Drop
20 People = 2 Tier Drops
30 People = 3 Tier Drops
35+ People = 4 Tier Drops

We also have an Arena course made based on a 3v3/4v4/5v5. The Winners of the match get a choice between Resources, Weapons, Armor, Etc. But the prize quality is based of the amount of teams that are in the arena match.

Here are some SS’s of the Arena.

This server seems awesome! I love having active admins! I will definitely be trying this one out!

This is a fresh server guys! come start your home here

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Come on in late night gamers!

Loot tables have not been adjusted and c4 is craftable! for all those people who love raiding

Had some people in it last night. If you join and no admins are on which is a small chance, put up a ticket so we know you did not get your 150 woodplanks, cheers everyone.

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This is noob friendly guys!!

11/15 Claimed the first 15 people Come on in only 4 more spots!

come scrim us in the arena 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 pistols and shotguns !

Come in guys :slight_smile: Fresh Server about 8 people active atm only growing more and more day by day

Join us tonight guys


13 people on right now 7 more people for an Airdrop! Server wipe as of 2/27 all 15/15 Claimed