[US Cent] Rust AllStars| Wiped 3/25! | Active NON-Player Admins! | Dur off | PVP

Connection Info:
To connect Go in game to console (f1), and then type this Net.connect

Server info
This server is located in the Dallas
This server has active admins with GOOD reputations
Hackers will be banned no questions asked!

Womzies (head admin)

-Oxide based plugins

Server Game Play Specifics:

Sleeper: ON
Cheatpunch: ON
Item Durability: OFF
Airdrops will start 2 days AFTER the wipe (3/27)
Server wipes: only pre-announced! (about 1 week and a half per wipe)

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This is a Vanilla based server, other than the No Dura

Server is going well, Had a slight problem with the mod last night but our man Womzies beat it out of the system.

Still plenty of areas to be based out.

3 solid admins, who are not playing the server only admin. Our 3 admins have about 3000 hours combined total time also so we know whats going on.

If you have a decent ping hop on and try it out. After playing so many corrupt servers we all said f it lets just admin for a bit and provide the kind of server we have been looking for…

I highly recommend this server to anyone! I myself really enjoyed it, i quit rust for a while because there were no enjoyable server anymore. Then my friends found this one. Unfortunately i got banned :’( for no reason also, its really unfair and all my friends play on it so what can i do -_- good bye rust