[US Central #1] Brand New Server! | No-Craft C4 | TPA | Base Remover Tool | Base Alarm | Door Share | Very Friendly! | Active Non-abusing Admins | NUDITY! | Automatic Starter Kits | Rust Empire

Rust Empire

Instructions to connect:

1. Press F1
2. Copy and Paste the below in the console.
net.connect rust.us.to:28045**

New server!
We’ve just started the server very recently!

Freshly Wiped!
Server has just been wiped today!

1/10 Crafting Time!
The crafting time is near instant, but you still have to wait a few seconds :slight_smile:

Very active admins!
We stay up all night to make sure the server is running smooth, for the best possible playing experience.

It’s player vs. player in this cold world.

Noob Friendly!
All noobs welcome!

No Sleepers
So you don’t get killed when you disconnect.


RustOxide API Plugins:

Exclusive written plugins!
We write our own plugins from scratch, you won’t find them anywhere else! Server is always being updated with new additions and mods!

Base Remover tool
Remove walls that you have misplaced, at ease.

Teleport to your friends!

Rare Military Weapons
All high grade weapons only drop from supply drops.

Base Alarm
Be alerted when your base is under attack!

C4 Has been made uncraftable, so you’re less prone to getting raided!

Custom written Anti-Cheat
This uses many checks to detect a possible cheater, and bans them immediately.

Automatic Starter Kits
You spawn with a sleeping bag, 5 cooked chicken, and a Camp Fire.

Everyone is nude! (Until you put clothes on of course)

Kill Feed
Tells everyone in chat globally when someone is killed, and who they are killed by.

Join our Steam Group!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread not three, don't make alt accounts" - postal))

this server is great, bump :smiley:

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of iMythik, no more alts" - postal))

bump :smiley:

bump for server :smiley:

server updated

economy? money?

No economy, I can code it if you’d like



Fresh server in developement mode, admins seem fair, after wipe ill stay in.

X1mox, it was the anticheat i’m currently coding. It’s in development and it banned you and a bunch of other people, my bad.

Sure , im in , thanks.

Server wiped, high grade weapons added.

bump for update :smiley:

Server updated again :slight_smile:

Server is up and running smooth!

bump, server player count has gone up!

another shameless bump

Awesome server!

thanks vyrex <33