[US/Central][24/7] Oxide/Insta Craft/Kits/Auto Restarts/Door Share/Economy/Kits/Active Admins

This server is 100% legit play, no spawning in items, and improving every day. The only time we will spawn items is when we need to investigate if someone is hacking. We currently have a couple admins who are on most of the time.

Any form of hacking will result in an instant ban
No building on to other players house/base to get inside
No spamming in chat

Admins will not spawn items for themselves or other players
Admins will not use Godmode unless absolutely essential
Admins will not abuse their power
Admins will help players with any problems they may have
Admins will play the game just like a normal player would


Press F1 and then copy/paste this
net.connect “”



NO Admin Abuse.
NO Latency Issues.
Slots: 100
Sleepers: ON
Airdrops: ON (10 players)
NO Admin Abuse
NO Latency Issues
The Economy is a simple system that will allow players to Mine/Sale/Trade in order to purchase
Wood, Food, Metal Fragments, Basic Weapons, Weapon Blueprints, and Explosive Charges)
Also Players will be awarded for killing Animals, Zombies, and other Players.
The amount of money will vary per item the lower tier items of course will result in a lower
Zombie Kills will be rewarded with $100
Bear Kills will be rewarded with $200
Wolf Kills will be rewarded with $120
Player Kills will be rewarded with 50% of the money the player has
and what is listed below

[Admin Help]
Users can contact admins; Admin only chat; Admin PM response

/money – Displays your balance
/money “player” “amount” – Sends money to play.
/price “Item” – Displays price of named item
/price – Displays all the items and their prices

[Share Doors]
/share “playername” – Shares your doors with player.

[Teleport to player]
/tpa “playername” – Sends request to player to teleport to them.
/tpaccept “playername” – Accepts players request to teleport to you.

/ticket to show your ticket.
/ticket [text] – to open a ticket or update your current ticket.
/ticket close – to close your ticket.

[Chat History]
/history – Displays last 20 messages in chat.

[Private Messaging]
/pm “player” “message” – Private messages (PM) a player