[US]Central 3/2/14 (PVP,Sleepers,Airdrop) Half Craft-Active Admins 24/7 (No Abuse)

Hey everyone, First off I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this post and hopefully join the server. I’m trying to create a place for gamers who want to have fun and go raid/farm in peace without dealing with cheaters. Now there is no mods on the server for now, Once I get an idea on how many people I have join and stay on the server I will be doing a vote to see if they want a mod and what kind of mod, but as of now there are no mods. Finally I want to say there is no Admin Abuse at all!! If you happen to see a admin abuse on the server Let me know on here and I’ll handle it or you can add me on steam (SupaFreak). So please join the server and give it a try, and gl to others out there hopefully I see you in there XD

Server IP:

Active & Fair Admins (There is no admin abuse). Server is always Online.

Server specifics:

  • Last wipe 3/2/14 *We Wipe only on patches. We always let you know 48 hours before we wipe!!
  • Every day server restarts at 11pm Central Standard Time. In order to Keep server from lagging.
  • ZERO Server lag! ZERO Server downtime! Unless there is a patch then we have to update the server
  • Sleepers enabled
  • 100 Slots
  • PvP enabled
  • Active/experienced Admin
  • No admin abuse
  • No Mods:If the community wants a mod they can always suggest ideas and we take a count what they want and in the future might put mods
  • Starterkit is enabled. Type “/kit starter” in the chat.
  • Anti-Decay (0.1)
  • Half Craft is enabled.
  • Airdrops enable at 20 players, after 20 players airdrops drops every 30 min.
  • Door Share is enabled


  • Be fair! Let newcomers in peace, or help them!
  • Respect All Admins (failure to result = kick/ban)
  • Cheaters will immediately banned from the server.
  • No exploiting
  • No Griefing
  • No teleporting/asking Admin to be teleported.
  • No asking admins to spawn you items!!

Come join using “net.connect” in the “F1” console.

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bump server just started at 9am est standard time come join and give it a shot

Great Server and admins!!! recommend for all players that wants a new start

I have about 4 people I play Rust with and we have been looking for a new server to populate. Admin seems nice enough and I will give this server a try.

I wouldn’t play on this server. Admins are nubs and run around in a group, very active, potential for abuse. Air drops are at 30 minutes and admins will call them in manually too. Just doesn’t seem like a good place to play.

Update Server Changed