[US Central] Beans & Tuna - Oxide|ActiveAdmins|NeverAdminAbuse|NoobsAreHelped| GiftGiveaways -

Beans & Tuna is a moderated fun place to play. **

While RUST can be frustrating and hectic, the Admins on B&T help new players understand the game as well keep the server free of hackers and trolls.

Any of our Moderators have only the power to Ban, Kick and a few other needed controls. They will never be able to spawn weapons, materials, or anything that would give themselves the upperhand. They are players just like any guest on the server.

If you ever have issues with a Mod, contact EFF or Anthrax and we will look into your issue.

  • We are running Oxide mainly for the door share. We like the game to be stock.

  • We will be adding a starter kit shortly for those beginning players.

  • We will also be doing Gift Giveaways once a day based on steamids that are in our logs. Our logs also identify time in server, so coming on for 1 second isnt going to cut it for a chance at a free gift. All gifts will be traded through Steam by either EFF or Anthrax. We will never ask for anything from you.

If you have any Questions or Ideas on how to progress the Beans&Tuna Server feel free to add EFF or Anthrax. We are open-minded to ideas.


Beans&Tuna -