[US-Central] - Clan Friendly, PvP|NoFall|InstaCraft| Levels|Stats|Econ|SupplySignal(72Hrs)

F1: net.connect
No Durability | No Fall Damage
Remove Tool (/remove)
Levels 1 /skill /skillhelp /learn “Skill Name” /respec “Skill Name”
Stats /stats
Econ (Almost complete!) /ehelp
Custom loot tables
No Craft Explosives Gel, found in animals/crates/drops
We play in different time zones and at different times, so an admin will usually be online.
Mods will have kick/ban privileges only.
We do not tolerate admin abuse.
We’ve been banned too often for calling out shit admins on their crap.
We’re all in our mid 20’s, tired of abusive/immature/incompetent admins.
Levels - You gain skill points by shooting players and animals. You can learn different skills (such as additional damage in different guns, additional armor, and shielding AND MORE).