[US Central] =DEFCON ONE= | Brand New/Fresh Wiped-01/17/14, 200 Slots, DoorSharing, No Lag, Events & Giveaways.

Server Name: DEFCON ONE

=About Us=
We started DEFCON ONE with the vision of a Server without Hackers, Abusive Admins, Lag,
and Server Wipes… Who wants to rebuild over and over? Surely, Not us…

So, DEFCON ONE was born.

Server IP/PORT:

Location: [US Central]
Donations: Accepted but, Not Required.
PlayerVSPlayer(PVP): Yes
Beginner/Noob Friendly: Yes
Seeking Admins/Mods: Yes, Sorta.
Has Voice Server: Yes but, Admin/Mod only.
Crafting Time Percent: 100% Normal.
PlayerSlots: 200
Admin Power Usage: For Good, Non-Abusive.
Admin Usernames: BeeBuzy, We have more but they are kept private for a reason..
Sleepers: Yes
Airdrop-min-players: 5
Mini-games: Yes, 
Site: [DEFCON ONE](http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RDOne)
Forum: [DEFCON ONE](http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RDOne)
Server Launched: 01/17/2014

Server Features

  • Brand New
    It has been Freshly Wiped(Only Will happen once), and on brand new dedicated hardware.

  • No Wipe
    We are a No Wipe Server. We have gotten tired of building Awesome structures and bases just for a Server Wipe to come the next day. So, now on this Server. There is no Wipes. The Earlier you get on the better places to build Will be. Structure Decay still exists…

  • 200 Slots
    We are on brand new hardware that supports up to 200 simultaneous connections.

  • Active Admins & Mods
    Our Admins & Mods are Active in our Community

  • No Admin/Mod Abuse
    Our Admins and Mods cannot spawn items, they cannot God-Mode, they are completely regular players except for the fact they can Ban and or Kick Players. They are also under the most strictest guidelines.

  • Vanilla Revamped
    We are a Completely Vanilla Server, except for one minor detail. We allow Door Sharing. All Loot Tables and everything else is untouched.

  • Player VS Player(PVP)
    You know nothing is cooler then 4 naked dudes with rocks fighting over a cargo crate. Now you can do it on this Server even more.

  • Server Rules & Guidelines
    Our main rule is to have Fun But, to prevent complete Anarchy we do have to have a couple of rules… they are simple. No Cheating,Glitching, Spamming,Promoting. Other then that… Everything is permitted.

  • Server Events & Giveaways
    We do Giveaways and Events on the Server such as “King of the Hill, Hide & Seek, Last Man Standing” and, there will be rewards such as a Free Steam Game, or One in-game item(within reason) to the winner of the Event or Giveaway.

Come join us! We’d Love to have you!