[US Central][Door Share][1/2 Craft][Kits][PVP-SLP][Wipe 1/10]

[US Central][Door Share][1/2 Craft][Kits][PVP-SLP][Wipe 1/10]

Press f1 and enter ^ into console

Door Sharing and starter Kits are enabled.
We are an older group of players who have finally had enough of abusive admins and aimbots, decided enough was enough and started our own PVP/SLP server. We will be working with the community to try and get a few large groups setup for some fun and legit PVP/RAIDING.

Just a few simple rules that come to mind.
#1 All raiding will be legal, so build strategically or with others for the best defense.
#2 No spawning of any kind will be allowed, so if you mess up the admins won’t be there to destroy a misplaced wall.
#3 There are 3 Active Admins, we will try and be on all hours. Will Consider a 4th if the workload becomes to much.
#4 Do not stream snipe, hate it and ruins the game for others.
#5 There are plans for events, such as archer wars and a melee arena, nothing is set in stone and will be run by the community before steps are taken.
#6 The server is brand new, paid for 6 months. Located in Dallas Texas and will not be wiped unless a game changing patch comes out.

So enjoy your time, play legit and hopefully stay for quite a while.

The Server Info :
1/2 Craft time
Airdrops when 15 people are connected (18 right now)
PVP is on
Sleepers is on
Door sharing (/share “name”) shares all your doors with that player
Private Messages (/pm “name” msg) pm’s only that player
Kits (/kit) shows all the kits listed (/kit starter) gives a wooden shack, sleeping bag and 5 food (/kit hatchet) gives a stone hatchet
Each kit is usable 3 times

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Server wiped, new thread for new name, added mods, enjoy :slight_smile:


fun server! been on these admins prior servers, and the admins have been nice and very fair.

Nice bro.

I like it. The admins are all active and actually pursue accusations of people cheating/exploiting

22 players on, airdrops are happening. Still tons of space left

49 players on, had a max of 89 earlier.

38 players on, getting ready for bed. Admin is logged on

30 people on, still tons of space

How can I get ahold of an admin? I need to report a guy speedhacking and and long jumping

Bump, server has been full the last few nights. currently 40 players on so get in and get started while you can.

Is the server down?

Servers up, was making changes to the config files and hardware. 45/100 on get in before its full

It appears the server is back up and running smooth finally…

About time.

Perhaps a wipe is in order soon? :>