US Central - Experience Team of Admins

Brand new server Rust server with Oxide.


We are a group of veteran rust players. Our Admins have thousands of hours playing time.

Slots - 100
Up-time - 24/7
Active Admins

What we Offer
-Door Share
-Zero Admin Abuse
-No Hacking

Come check it out. All current players are friendly and willing to help.

Great server! Admins are very helpful and noob friendly. I’ll be making this my new home :slight_smile:

Sorry about the down time this morning. The update do a few resets to get it working the way we wanted it.

First day and we had 15 people playing consistently, thanks for the support and look forward to more tomorrow.

Good core group of people playing now. We switched to 1/2 Crafting. Will post any other server changes as we go along.


Added a couple more plugins today, Airdrops are set to 15 now. They will be raised as the server populates. Few more regulars…


Economy setup today. Now earn money from killing Zombies, Bears, and wolves.


We now have a web page, Check out our admins videos, at