[US Central] FknRustNuts |Sleepers|Location|StarterKit|1/2 Craft

The latest addition to the glorious FKN gaming network

[US Central]FknRustJockies|Sleepers|Location|StarterKit|1/2 Craft [FKN]3g


How do you join? Launch Rust. Press f1. type net.connect

Administrated by the FKN gaming network and twitch streamers looking for an abuse free haven. Hosted out of Chicago. Wiped 1/25. No future wipes, no abuse, PVP is open but caveman griefing is frowned upon by all. Admins are not allied together against you.

Admins on FknRustNuts
-WILL ban cheaters
-WILL NOT spawn items
-WILL NOT teleport
-WILL NOT change server settings
-WILL NOT call airdrops
-WILL NOT instacraft
-WILL NOT use god mode

Game settings
-1/2 Craft
-Airdrop 20
-Vanilla droprate

-Starter kit (Hatchet, 4 food, shelter every 60 minutes)


Thanks for the support, guys! Great community so far. No trust, but no KOS.

Good news! We’ve also added a Ventrillo server just for our public players. If more channels are needed just let us know.