(US-Central) [LUMPIA] - Oxide/PVP/Sleepers/HalfCraft/NoCraftC4/Events

Server Name: [LUMPIA]-Oxide/PVP/NoCraftedC4/0.5Craft/Sleep
Server Address: net.connect

Web site: http://lumpia.gaming.multiplay.co.uk/

Welcome to the Lumpia Gaming Rust server running the Oxide mod. The server is located in Chicago and hosted by Multiplay. We are a PVP-oriented group that aims to have a tight-knit community that wants to kill one another! Admins will enforce fair play to ensure everyone has a great time.

-Server TS3
-Oxide (DoorShare/Kits/Removal/Groups/Location)
-Half craft
-Active, fair admins with no abuse
-Hacking will not be tolerated
-All accusations will be investigated
-No craftable C4
-Air drops at 15 people
-Regular events (1-3 a week)

Hi Everyone,

This is a great server to play on nice Admins and pretty fresh lots of room for everyone! Need more people for some PVP fun!



Looking for more folks! Friendly bunch but enjoy killing each other!


Great server, fun people!