US Central NEW Server Admins DDOSSING Other populated Servers.

Hi All,

Just here to expose a current server that is going around Ddossing other populated servers, to keep their servers at full pop.

Server: US Central NEW 7/25 6PM Vanilla|ActiveAdmins|Sleepers|NoDura|An…
IP: net.connect


known Admins:

Known Admin / Ddosser
BOB - unkown Steam ID.

I have video proof of bob going around saying he’s an Admin on the US Central and going to put down servers that get populated.
I have video Evidence of Bob talking to multiple admins saying they’re server is going down… and 10 seconds later it does.

Have Evidence of servers going down due to him.
I have screen shots of IteaTime saying Bob was mad so he’s taking down a server - Via steam.

if you want more information on these scum bags PM me. I got a bunch.

also forgot to mention they all cheat. Flying around and speed hacking around invisible. Looting airdrops 4000M out to see what’s in them. Which is fine as an admin, but im sure they play at times

I can confirm all of this. The admins also hack, they made their own server because they kept getting banned off everyone elses because they were caught hacking. These admins are all around bad. They don’t have a single clue on how to play the game legit. They have to hack and DDoS other servers. They need to be shut down asap so that good admins can go back to their servers without worrying about getting DDoSed from them.

So this was just brought to my attention. Several things to inform you guys about…

  1. I do not own this server; iteatime does.
  2. None of us have ever ddos’d anyone.
  3. It’s funny that a group of kids that ddos’d our server and spam it trying to get pop on their own made this thread.
  4. Perhaps stop cheating and you won’t get banned and have to go to these measures because we know how to mitigate your ddos attacks.
  5. None of our admins even play on the server.

But thanks for the love Rego & co.

  1. Funny considering you and Will tell everyone the server is yours.
  2. There is proof of Bob DDoSing servers for you so that your pop stays up. He has said it constantly and even admitted it in your own server. He joins other servers and tells them he is going to do it.
  3. I didn’t DDoS your server, nor did I even attempt to try, and it’s the stupidest thing anyone could ever do.
  4. I don’t cheat, never have, and I haven’t gotten banned off your server.
  5. And yes, you do play on your server. I even got killed by one of your admins the other day with an uber bow while we were out fighting people.

Your admins also follow people around while they’re in the middle of fights, interrupting fights and flat out being a pain in the ass. They run around shacking people. Killing people with ubers and flying around the server. It’s been caught on stream several times. Bob and ITeaTime both constantly harass other players and make playing on your server pointless.

Also, I’m not Rego. Nice try though.

I actually linked this to Rego and he said he’d respond if he actually cared. Try again?

also if you’re going to ddoss everyone to keep your pop up. Tell bob to stop spamming it in server chats, and saying it to everyone… and then it actually happens

you’re a dumb child.

I really don’t care who you are.

I was the owner of the US East server, the one that got ddos’d to shit by hackers that I kept banning. Due to my ability to populate the server and the fact that the player base liked Will & myself iTeaTime made us an offer that he would buy us out, buy a dedicated box and take over as server owner.

In turn we have stayed on as admins and as the face of the server because people like the way we address hacker issues as well as deal with the community in general. We don’t need to ddos your shitty server to stay populated as we have a continuous player base that has been with the server from day 1. Your pathetic and petty attempts to slander us are worthless.

None of the admins play, keep making up stories in this fairytale world that you live in. Perhaps you really believe the lies that you’re spreading and that’s your own perogative. You’re irrelevant to me, I’m going to go back to helping the players on my server.

Slander? Your clown minion BOB is telling everyone he’s doing it. Telling admins to TP to him, then telling them where he’s from and what he’s about to do, and ITeaTime has told multiple ppl BOB does it cause he can. So the Owner of your current server has admitted to your admins Ddosing.

If you’re going to have an inexperienced Infant DDOSS, tell him not to brag to everyone.

You’re either a disillusion fool, or a terrible liar.

Literally the only things that you’ve gotten right in this thread are:

  1. Our Server IP
  2. The fact that iTeaTime, Will, and myself are admins

Everything else in here is the most ridiculous retarded nonsense from a clearly upset and pathetic asshole. I will not even entertain you with another response.

How can you sit there and try to justify this when your own admins have admitted to it multiple times to numerous amounts of people? You also seem to have nothing to say in regards to your admins hacking. They run around flying and speed hacking all over the map, interrupting people while they play, shacking people while they’re running around and putting doors on it. No one can even go out and roam around in groups due to admins constantly following them around and speed hacking interrupting everything.

So on top of your DDoS issues with your admins fully admitting to it, you have abuse ass admins to boot. Not to mention the fact that your admins have gotten banned on every single server they’ve been on for hacking prior to being admins on your own server.

I’m not sure what drugs you’re on to just fully overlook these issues, but why don’t you pass some to the rest of the community so they can be blinded over these problems occurring?

Clearly I’m not here for your useless responses. But to let people know what you guys are doing.

I expected nothing less than for momma bear to go on the defense, and say this isn’t true.

That must be why we have 8-10 streamers playing on the server and yet none of their streams coincide with that shit coming out of your mouth…go figure.

Woah, you have streamers? Big boy, aren’t we. I have to remind myself to lower my IQ when responding to you. So let’s make this simple. Streamers are streaming for entertainment for others. They don’t care about what’s going on behind the scenes, just as long as there is population and action.

Your server is great, honestly. It runs great. You just have a poor, scum bag way of getting, and keeping it populated.

I’ve never owned a server, would never want to. But the things you guys are doing is out of the bag.

Go back to, “Not entertaining this with a response” Maybe you can get some credibility back.

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That is a great deal of name changing !

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This is so fucking annoying, Boxa and myself, are not the owners, iteaTime is the owner, we are just the admins. We do not DDoS people. You guys don’t even have balls to post under you’re real fucking names, you are scared to show who you are. So yeah buds, Lots of Love, Peace niggs.

So exactly why is that you two are constantly taking up for yourselfs, but not the other two admins/“owners”

It’s pretty goddamn obvious and well known that Bob and ITeaTime hack and they have both fully admitted to DDoSing other servers, yet you guys only seem to be worrying about your own reputation as admins instead of fully addressing the issue that is with them. You two may be innocent in the DDoSing/hacking issue, but your other two admins are not. They are terrible admins, who do terrible things to keep their population up. Once everyone finds out your admins hack, and DDoS other servers to keep the population up you guys are done, and you know it. I’d suggest saving yourselves now and dropping these bad admins. You both have potential to be good admins without having to have hackers run your server and without having to get Bob and TeaTime to DDoS other servers.

Damn Will you’re a thug, further supporting how brain dead you clowns are.


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You 2 may be completely oblivious. As a matter of fact, i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I just know you 2 as the admins, thought box was the owner, obviously not. No problem. But Tea and Bob are the problem areas around this. They’re the 2 conspiring, and doing it. You may not know (questionable) what they’re doing, but again…possible.

He knows exactly what they’re doing. They’ve even said it on their own TS in front of him and Will both. They’re just evading the issues so they don’t look bad.

So I thought all of this was bullshit, but Boxa and Bob were in my server earlier, as soon as it got high pop, Bob walked through our walls, killed everyone, when I banned him, the server got DDoSed 5 seconds later. And it’s all on Stream. If this isn’t guilty enough of corrupt ass admins from that server then I don’t know what to tell you. These admins are shit. They DDoS servers and hack everyone just to keep their population up and it’s pathetic.

Odissa, you are fat.
I think you need to give your children to child services and be done with it.
You cannot put them through such pain, also these claims are absolutely insane.

I didn’t know you could walk through walls without disconnecting… interesting, did your hacking friend Villy tell you?

Sad a server owner openly lets hackers play on her server, well ex server.

PS: Ashley’s hot.

lmao, I walked through walls and was on your server? Would love for you to prove that considering I haven’t even played Rust in a week other than to admin iteatime’s server. If you spent half as much time as you do trying to slander me on paying attention to your kids perhaps you wouldn’t be such a failure as a mother.