US Central. new server. Limited weapons & C4. Oxide mods. leveling system. Hidden supply signals. active admins. no abuse.

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If you’re like me you have a tried a few servers, found one you liked, spent a few days building up your fort and gear, and then you log off and some brand new group somehow amasses 50 C4 overnight and raids your house, leaving you completely naked and feeling violated. On our rust server we believe in hard work, C4 is very limited so if you spend the time creating an epic fort, you can expect that it wont be destroyed overnight by some fresh face who farmed C4 all day. Raiding is completely viable, but it will take you much longer to amass an arsenal of explosives, as C4 is limited to airdrops. We have banned the crafting of M4’s, Mp5’s, C4, and kevlar armors, in an effort to make the game more fun, and make the long haul a little longer and more meaningful (Shotguns and Bolt actions will still be available for crafting). Airdrops are admin call and supply signal only, and we will be hiding Supply signals around the map for you to find in random crates and houses that we build, to promote more exploration. We are running oxide mods and will be adding more soon, also note that we are very friendly admin and are very open to suggestions.

We are currently running:
pickaxe removal tool
door share
crafting controls

coming soon:
leveling system
loot drop modification
limited sleepers
your suggestions

We are brand new and as such we only have about 1-2 players who play who are not an admin, so come and try us out, be one of the first to get a head start on our server.