US Central (No Sleeper) Down?

Is any one else having trouble to connect? A few of my friends can’t connect while others can.
It just loads and stays at the screen with the little face.

same here. ii’ve tried it twice. My internet is so slow and my game literally takes 30 minutes to load the files, only to find that the server isn’t working

I have a friend in there playing right now. He can collect resources and do everything like normal. Me on the other hand, I was playing at the time and the game froze for me. Couldn’t do anything. Tried to reload and the game wont’ start up. The amount of people dropped significantly on that server.

I don’t know much about this stuff… so I find it odd that thered still be a few people who can still play on it. It’s probably just a matter of time before EVERYONE is kicked off that server.

I was kicked too, same as everyone. The server list shows that no one is connected currently, so it’s either rebooting or being DDoS’d.