[US CENTRAL] Oedipus Rust++!!! NEW Server! 100 Slot|PVP|StarterPack|Sleeper|Instacraft|DoorShare| NO BULLSHIT|ACTIVE| AND EVENTS!!!

About the Server:
After getting sick and tired of griefers, hackers, cheaters, and exploiters ruining the gameplay on server after server, I decided to start my own. The admins are adults with careers, but we’re active in this as a hobby. We welcome newbies!!! I’m a no-nonsense kind of person, and this server is fair, friendly, and run so the game can be played the way it was meant to be played. If you want to play the game and enjoy by building your own alliances, being part of a community, and still engaging in PvP, then come join Oedipus Rust and grow with us!! (Since you’re asking me where the name came from, the name is a pun on the character “Oedipus Rex” from the Sophocles tragedy.)

Starter Kit accessed by /starter (Stone Hatchet, 5x Food, Sleeping Bag, Wooden Shelter, and Door)
Instant Craft
Door Share
Supply drops every 30 minutes!!!
Random Gift Per RealTime Day!!!
VERY, VERY Rare C4 and Explosives!!!
Fair, Active, and Good Natured Admins!!!
ZERO tolerance for cheaters, exploiters, and hackers!!!
Rewards for bringing people in to join the community!!

To Join:

So basically, we got pissed at hackers and we weren’t able to control it. We also wanted a community friendly, helpful server. But to also include PvP to exp. players. So a server was created. So come join!!! It’s fun we will help, riot whatever you need to make you exp fun. I am “Red” i’m really active in game with some cool dudes, so don’t hesitate to shout at us for help, trades, friendly hello, or some PvP.

We have grown to 23 regular players. Come grow with us! The community will help you get started!!

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:words: Bump.

This server kicks so much ass!!! love it!!

This server rocks

Midwest locals and people in Denver are exceptionally welcome to come play!! We are owned and hosted in Denver, CO!!

Advertisements have gone out to gaming centers/stores in Denver, so come get a leg up before it gets too crowded!!!