[US CENTRAL] Official Reddit - PVP/Sleeper/Half-Craft/DoorShare - Starter Kit included!

Looking for a great Rust server to start on? Look no further.
Our administrators are active and fair and will not abuse their administrative privileges. If you would like a great Rust experience, come and join us.

The server is FRESH. [1/20/2014]
Our server is running all of the latest updates.


The server is located in Chicago, Illinois and has 50 player slots.

To Join:

Feel free to join our subreddit as well!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

so I joined and I tried to activate my starter kit. I received everything except the cloth pants!

EDIT: my error, didn’t realize it only comes with 3 items

Don’t worry. Cloth pants are easy to get/make.

thanks to your nice starter kit, i don’t have to waste cloth making a sleeping bag! this is great!

Yeah the hatchet and food should help you start up too!

One question i had is this: do you guys use a ts or ventrilo server?

You can contact us via the subreddit.

oh cool, subreddits are so next-gen. do you guys have a separate forum?

Nah, we use our subreddit for everything

so what’s server policies on raiding and killing

Well, the server has PVP enabled, so killing is allowed. Raiding is also allowed.

Do you have falling damage enable or disabled?

Fall damage is ENABLED. Facepunch fixed the bug and now there’s no reason to have it off.

ok great. I hate servers that restrict gameplay because they think it’s unfair to go around killing and raiding. I like my style of play and i hate servers that restrict it.

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so how are you guys dealing with all these constant patches?

Well, the patches are not that constant and when they do arrive we update as fast as the game service provider allows.

yeah i was wondering what happened earlier because i couldn’t connect

Yeah it was just a few updated for the server. We should be all done for now.

so I just joined and it gave me some facepunch facebook auth error. what is this?

Not sure why that is occurring. Try re-connecting and get back to me…

ok I restarted my game and PC and now it works fine, but I still get the error once in a while :frowning: