[US Central Oxide] | PvP | Sleepers | Teleport to Friends and Home! | Instacraft | Door Sharing | Active Non-Abusive Admins!

Hey guys,

Come out and play on a very solid community Rust server.
During peak hours we get roughly 30+ members and looking to expand!
We have very active non-abusive admins. Just ask the members that currently play.
Server was wiped on 1/20 so 5 day old environment.
We use Oxide mods here, which include 3 Tp/Day to friends and Home teleport so you never get lost again!
Hit F1 in game and type net.connect and make us your server today.
We also have a forum setup for the server which is http://pacozetaco.hfbsite.com/forums/index.php .
Look forward to seeing you there!


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Edit: Watch out for the Anal Avengers.

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Edit2: We now have a working economy system as well!

Edit3: And random airdrops when there are 15+ people logged into server!

This server is AMAZING!
Words can’t explain. I really like this server and I have only been on for a short amount of time. The owner is always trying his best to help everyone and always keeping the members updated. I highly recommend this server if you are looking for a fun friednly Rust server. Don’t hesitate to join just do it!

Ty GhostFrag1

Brilliant server helpful staff and airdrops when 15+ people are on 10/10!

ty aflyingpig




This server is no bueno paco. You spawned C4 and blew threw our house.

troo troo. he dun lost like 10 peeps lawl

I heard he hates black people.

lol really Clockwork? because it was Sinful and his gang sooo gg.

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Anywho, fresh server wipe 1/28. With new updates preventing the snowballing of groups. Look at www.pacozetaco.hfbsite.com/forums

Fresh server wipe, modified loot tables and researching to make a semi hardcore environment.
visit pacozetaco.hfbsite.com/forums to learn more.



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