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Connection Info:

The plan for this server is simple: give a vanilla experience with only mods that make sense. Currently we are only running Rust Essentials until we think that other mods are worthwhile. Hopefully if the server grows as well as we hope, these will be decisions made with input from the players.

We will have active, mature admins, none of which will be abusive (this is very important to us).

We also plan on giving plenty of heads up of incoming server wipes (unless a patch forces it of course). We hope to have a ‘game’ going for at least 3 weeks - perhaps 4-5. This very much depends on how the ‘endgame’ is going and if the general consensus is that it’s time for a wipe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Bumping up. The growth is starting to kick in and everyone seems happy with the direction and attitude of the server. Please join us! We are open to fresh ideas and will adjust the server based on what our community wants.


Good server, good peeps!

Bump bump. Love the server so far.

Great server! Admins are open to new suggestions and are very nice. Pretty fun server so far.



Awesome server, am loving it so far.

Need more people!

Need more peeps!