[US-Central] pvp|slp|Oxide|Door Share|Rare Miltary Weapons & C4

[US-Central] pvp|slp|Oxide|Door Share

75 slots for a good experience without the overcrowding of larger servers. We plan to upgrade the slots as more people come join us but our limit will be 125 MAX.

Welcome to one of the newest Rust servers! Run by a mature 30+ group of experienced admins.
We are a diverse group of hardcore gamers and we are looking for both the hardcore and casual gamer alike.

This supports Oxide with door sharing, private messaging and customized help messages enabled.

Loot and crafting tables have been modified for a more realistic progression, no more maxing out in 3-4 hours. No more massive amounts of c4 overnight to blow apart your base.

24/7 group of active admins. We can’t stand a hacker! They will be investigated and banned immediately no questions asked. We play to enjoy ourselves and you should be able to do so as well.

Air drops will start at 15 players, events are in the works and planned once we get a stable population.

TS3 server available to all players - private channels available on request - PM Zodicus in game.

No admin abuse. Admins who abuse their power will be demoted on the spot.

Military grade weapons and armor are extremely rare. Resource spawn rates will be altered when that plugin is available.

We aim to provide a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Our admins have years
of experience running games across multiple genres and games including MMoRPG’s, RTS,
turn based strategy, FPS. We listen to our followers and try to tailor our server to what they like. We understand that the server would not be what it is without you guys and therefor you all should have a say in what goes on.

Many new features will be added as they are released for Oxide! Add zodicus626 or Dil on steam to learn more!

Server will go live Friday, January 24, 2014 at 7PM CST (1AM UTC)

Please tell your family and friends! Let’s good a good server going!



Daily bump. Live day is getting closer and closer. Loot tables are looking good and we are doing the final round of testing. Once that is done we will be wiping the server and relaunching it for everyone to enjoy! Hope to see you all there!