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*Tired of Admin Abuse? Tired of hackers ruining your earned loot? Tired of not being able to play as a beginner due to hunger or a lack of supplies? *

Look no further.

We host the best Rust server in the US Central area.

We also maintain an active subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/rustreddit – All server updates, news, and information can be found there.

Great Server! :smiley:

Thanks m80

When are airdrops?

They start at 15 players.

Alright cool, it’s random inside the creates right?

Yes, but you can get rare items like C4 and supply signals :DDD

Ok cool, i bet those are rare tho

Well yeah supply signals can’t be crafted and C4 takes a LOT of resources to make.

Oh wow, like what type of resources?

Explosives (not charge), Leather, flare. Explosives are the hardest to make/get because it requires a shit ton of gunpowder.

Is gunpower easy to get though?

Gunpowder = Sulfur + Charcoal.

Sulfur comes from sulfur ore, charcoal is generated from burning wood.

So you put it in like a furnace?

Yeah but you can also get it from campfires, by burning wood.

How much wood do you need?

Any amount will do, just burn some

I’m assuming you get it from trees lol…

Wood piles are better. You get more wood/swing.

Where are wood piles?