US Central Rust++ 1/17 Wipe - PVP/Doorsharing/noncraftc4/higher % of c4/nades/25%Craft

We currently have a fresh wiped US Central Oxide server that was wiped on 1/17 and has:
-Door sharing
-Adjusted loot tables with better % of c4/nades to promote open world pvp to fuel raids
-Active admins who deal with griefing/hacking and investigate all claims
-C4 is not craftable, we do not like the meth lab style of gameplay.
-Noob friendly with admins willing to give advice to all - but its still a pvp game/server
-Only wipes are when MANDITORY
-25% Craft times
-Air Drops
-Kill Messages
-Hunger Games
-Capture the flag (soon)
-Team Speak Channels for groups/clans
-1v1/2v2/3v3 Arena for tourneys.


DO you have airdrops and kill messages?

yes sir we do.

I just joined this server, it’s really solid so far. it’s small pop right now, so I am taking advantage of all the free resources and building base up. Join in and build up quick!

Started on this server, pretty good so far :slight_smile:

Is bumping allowed for a great server? lol


thanks for the kind words everyone



Rust++ is working on server now!


Had 20 people on, and most of us participated in a hunger games style event, winner won a prize. An arena built of wood, where we all started naked and ran to boxes with stuff in them to kill each other.