US Central Rust++ 1/24 Wipe - Adjusted Loot Tables PVP/Doorsharing/noncraftc4/25%Craft

Love Rust? We all do. Hate building up your empire for hours till your eyes bleed, then when you finally go to sleep. It’s all gone, you awaken in a field naked, afraid, and confused…and hungry. Well come try out our server, we are trying to bring a more realistic feel to the game. You won’t see huge metal bases pop up over night, and people can’t come to your house with 50 plus c4…unless you get on ALOT of people’s bad side. Anyway come build up and enjoy some open PVP, or some of the other fun events that we hold.
We currently have a fresh wiped US Central Rust++ server that was wiped on 1/24 and has:
-Door sharing
-Adjusted loot tables with Rare Military Weapons, and realistic zombie drops.
-Active admins who deal with griefing/hacking and investigate all claims
-C4 is not craftable, we do not like the meth lab style of gameplay.
-Noob friendly with admins willing to give advice to all - but its still a pvp game/server
-Only wipes are when MANDITORY
-25% Craft times
-Air Drops
-Kill Messages
-Hunger Games
-Capture the flag (soon)
-Team Speak Channels for groups/clans
-1v1/2v2/3v3 Arena for tourneys.


Great server with great admins/events!

server just reset and wiped due to rust++ updates. Check it out!

This server is fantastic, it has really well created battle arenas that are extremely fun to fight in! Not only that but the people that I have met so far are pretty nice and social.