(US Central) Rust Hardmode (Wiped 1/22) -- Doorsharing/.5 Craft / PvP / Sleepers / MORE DETAILS INSIDE

Hey all!

I’ve got an idea. Let’s play Rust on a server where Kevlar, C4, awesome guns and ammo are really rare. Not a bowhunting server, but definitely not a get-raided-nightly server either. Airdrops occur so long as there are 5 people on, to give you an objective every hour or so, but the amount of loot in them is reduced. Crafting time is set to .5

Oxide-enabled. Here’s what you’re looking at:

Door sharing

Custom loot tables. All the handcrafted guns (Revolver, Pipe Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle) are available to you for crafting/looting, but the Shotgun, MP5, and M4, are restricted to airdrops, as are grenades and C4. 9mm Pistols, P250s, and Bolt Action Rifles can be found as loot, but rarely.

Crafting Restrictions: Cannot craft or even learn to craft military weapons, weapon mods, kevlar armor, Large Medkits, or Explosives. You can craft C4, but the Explosives for them come exclusively from loot (zombies, crates) and airdrops. Gives you something to farm for.

/history (can see last twenty messages sent to chat, even if you just logged on)

**/list **(can see who’s online)

NO ADMIN ABUSE. I’m the only admin, am pretty active, and used up all my inclination to abuse admin powers in Counter-Strike. :slight_smile: I just want to host a server people can trust.

Server was just wiped clean. So come join a more interesting game experience, and bring your friends! net.connect