US Central Server, Airdrops/PVP/Noobfriendly

A new server has just been created in the US Central area. The server isn’t mine; I’m just posting about it. The owner is an adult and will mainly be acting as just an admin. He’ll just be watching out for hackers and is willing to help people who are new to the game. The server is mostly Vanilla with 1 or 2 mods enabled which I believe is a drop party mod and some leather mod? Also there is an option for changing loot tables but he hasn’t messed with that. Auto airdrops are still bugged so he’s gonna be doing manual drops every few Rust days until the server grows and the demand is higher to keep things interesting and not wear the fun down too fast.

I am not an admin myself, just looking forward to start fresh on a new server without admins abusing their powers to fend off their players. You can find the information below. The owner’s name in-game is mulder357. He’ll likely be on most of tonight and frequently afterwards. The server was wiped about 10 minutes ago and currently no one is playing on it. I’ll be on later to start building up my resources. I’m looking forward to competing/working with some new people!


           server name: [US Centeral] PVP/noobfriendly/BRANDNEW!/Random Airdrops

still haven’t been on guys, hittin l4d2 with some fireball and rumchata before i start gathering, hope someone’s gettin a headstart :stuck_out_tongue: