[US][Cheatpunch][East Coast] Server running Oxide with various plugins

My server is new and I don’t have a player base yet.
The admins I have are fair and wont abuse. We are all decent rust players and enjoy the starting from the ground up experience so feel free to blow our heads off at any point in time. We are planning on making a barricaded off safezone in French Valley and adding a metal door just so it doesn’t decay. We also plan on having minor supplies at the safe-zone and trading them for some form of currency (most likely metal fragments). We have welcome kits, starter kits, and will be very noob friendly.
Current features are -

Air drop Frequency Editing
We have the ability to edit how often airdrops come and plan on basing that on whatever the average player base is
Admin List/Reporting System
The ability to report to admins as well as view which players are admins
Removal of structures placed by self with pickaxe
You can now remove foundations and other indestructible items with just two swings of your pickaxe (if you placed it) and the item is returned to your inventory.
This command will allow you to see your coordinates on the map as well as which direction you are facing, making it much easier to find your old bases and meet up with friends!
listing all extra commands and features!

I have admin experience on MTA San Andreas on a few roleplay servers so I know how to admin well and fairly. We really want a small dedicated player base and we will do our best to adapt to the players wishes. If you feel like joining us feel free to add me on steam “Hxc Rocker” or join our server directly at
Thank you and I hope to see you in game (unless you KOS. Then I’m running)