[US] Chernobyl Island - [PvP / Sleep]

Server Name: [US] Chernobyl Island - [PvP / Sleep]
Hit F1 and type this in to connect net.connect
Slots: 150


  • Never go Full Retard :slight_smile:
  • No Cheating
  • No Harassment
  • No Racismcoo
  • No Duping
  • All above will result in temp or perm ban.

Server Overview:
We created this server with a bunch of counter-strike players who are all friends and love rust. We believe that our server provides the best possible experience of rust. Why? Because we have dedicated admins and believe in creating the best player experience possible (PvP and sleep). Also, server wipes will only happen on updates. After the wipe, we will up the amount of events to help out for the lost of items.

Admin Overview:

  • We will never abuse our admin power. Why? because the only admins are close friends who enjoy playing the game and not abusing power. If you ever have a issue or feedback contact us directly at chernobylisland@gmail.com.


  • This will be coming soon once the server becomes more populated. We have a ton of great new ideas for events.


  • If your a new player we will teleport you to your friends so you don’t have to waste your time finding them. Just ask for a admin in chat.

Admin Help / Support / Feedback:

  • If you ever need help, support or have feedback please email us at chernobylisland@gmail.com
  • We have full-time jobs and school so sometimes we won’t always be available but we will always respond to you asap.

We aren’t to sure what the future looks like… but we sure as hell know we will do our best to provide the best possible gaming experience. Hopefully down the line we will get a up and running website along with a community team speak.

Great server, admins are super friendly.

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Server is still up and running like a beast, people joining left and right, join up guys.

Server is up and running! If anyone needs anything please ask.

Server is now updated and fixed. Everything should be back up and running smoothly!

is the server still working even with the DDoS?

i can connect to some servers but i’m getting failed connection here.

I cannot connect to this either.

I can’t join any server, not even through the console.

Yeah right now DDOS took the server down again. Waiting for a update from face punch for a solution. Right now all servers are being attacked.