[US Chicago] 056 Gaming |Vanilla|No Mods|Sleeper|PvP|

A brand new Rust server with an active admin and (generally) friendly people on.

200 Slots
No Mods
Sleepers on
PVP on
Wiped 2/12

Open to anyone and everyone!

Hackers will be dealt with swiftly.


To connect just hit F1 and type “net.connect rust.mainmangs.com:28135” without the quotes.

Free 150 slot Mumble! @

We will be doing some giveaways on the server every once in awhile, I plan on doing a game giveaway this coming weekend but haven’t worked out all the details just yet.

We now have DDOS protection as well.

Bumpity Bump Bump

We decided to wipe at midnight this morning so it’s fresh and awesome! We don’t plan on wiping for a long time now.

so yea u wiped 1 day ago , not that fresh…

We wiped at midnight the owners time, which was 10PM Central on the 11th I guess.


Had 130 in yesterday

Have about 65 in at this very minute.

Great server, very active — good competition

Bad server, would not recommend to anyone to waste time on this server.

vertin is mad because he got banned for hacking.

We are wiping tomorrow (Friday Feb 28th) at 6 PM CST (Midnight UTC)

We have a new host/ip

net.connect rust.mainmangs.com:28135

Just wiped

Nice server fresh wipe




Gonna do a $15-20 game giveaway next time the pop gets above 100 yo!