[US] Chicago 1 [Sleepers|PvP|Default settings|50 Slot]

Hey guys, I am the leader of AllegiantGaming.com. We are a multi-game community that is establishing itself in the Rust community. We have opened up a 50 slot server. No admin team, other then myself. This is of course until we have better set of Admin tools. I will not let Admin abuse occur on my server. In order to combat any hacking possibilities, I am available 24/7 via steam, skype, twitter, and my site email. A lot of the guys in my community also have my cell phone number. As far as rules, and settings on our server we are a Default settings server. Do what you want when you want. We encourage you put thought into your game play, but if you want to be a mindless raider feel free. Anyways Come check us out, our server is Fresh as of a couple days ago.

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other server info including our TS availible at http://www.allegiantgaming.com/servers/