[US Chicago] ACTIVE ADMINS - PVP/SL/1/2 craft

Server Name: Noob Friendly [US Chicago] - PVP/SL/1/2 craft/ DOORS SHARING

Server IP: net.connect

Slots: 100

Location: Chicago


Admins are active and ready to help
Friendly Admins
No Lag
1/2 Craft


  1. Hacking is not tolerated.
  2. Duping/Glitching will be an Instant Ban.
  3. Trolling/massive profanity will be warned 3 warnings and you will be banned.
  4. You may not promote, advertise, market other servers on our server.
  5. You may not use racially offensive language at any point.
  6. No Spamming or Flooding chat.**

Server Info: We just started this server fresh and new. We have active admins everyday. Airdrops have been reduced to a minimum of 1 players online. It will always drop airdrops. (Will be changed as it gets populated). As server gets populated we will start random item giveaway and random massdrops. More info to be decided in later time when server gets even more populated. Request will be put into consideration

Day/Night time can now be edit, it is on default at the moment.

Mumble info: We currently have 2 mumble servers both with only 10slots ea. We will have admin in each server to help out if anybody needs. Admins will be in their channel unless needed “Where Admins are at”


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BUMP! Populating slowly but it’s going up.

Love the server! Friendly Admins!

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Good server so far and friendly admins/pubs, I highly recommend.

great server…there are a lot of friendly players…and admins r active!!




Added Door sharing /share “player name” /unshare “player name” , /list (to show who is connected to server), and private messages /pm “name” “msg”

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instant craft on until 8:00pm central time, also server wipe. around 8:00pm central time will be a few airdrops


Bump! I enjoy this server, many people are joining!


Great Server To Play ! Admins On 24/7. Great People To Meet !


really good server!!!

Friendly/Active Admins. Competitive play. Highly recommended server.

Better than community server because Admins are always there banning hackers!

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Admins are willing to help/teach new ppl like me! awesome!

Daily Events Happening


Is the server gonna be back up soon since the recent update? Me and my friends are dying to play!

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