[US-Chicago] CarbonC [PvP|Sleeper|Airdrops|1/2 Craft]

Looking for a fair place to play? Our server was setup specifically for hosting a fair environment for players to have fun in. The server was created on January 2nd 2014 and is fresh to provide new players a fair start.

We aim to provide a community experience that avoids problems such as abusive admins playing favorites with players or using their position to gain unfair advantages.
The administrators here have two jobs. One is to keep the server running. The other is to try and keep it cheat free. No abuse is tolerated.

Some server details:

Server name: [US-Chicago] CarbonC [PvP|Sleeper|Airdrops|1/2 Craft]

PVP: Enabled
Sleepers: Enabled
Airdrops: Enabled

Join directly with net.connect

The server is still pretty fresh, plenty of room for new players or groups to settle in!

We got a few people settled in but more is always welcome!

We still have plenty of room for new players to join in, have a few friendly regulars now as well!