[US] Chicago DasBoot - Oxide - 1/4 Craft - Sleepers - Doorshare - Rare Military Weapons - Active Admins!

**Hello everyone,
Here is some info on my new server!

Server IP: net.connect

We have a ton of features!
-Active Admin Help Using AdminHelp Plugin
-The Purge (In Development)
-100 Slots
-Door Share
-Players List
-Private Messaging

Please Join us on DasBoot as we do our nightly boot walks listening to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”
Admin Toon**

Yes join our server! [USCntrl]BootWalk-Oxide-RareMilitary-1/4Crft-DRSHR-Slp-Wipe1/22. Server IP: net.connect Wiped 1/22, Oxide, 1/4 craft, Rare Military, Doorshare, Chicago server, fair and active admins. Come join us on the boot walk! Take your clothes off and be free on the nightly boot walk! No hackers wanted!