[US]Chicago EpicGuild PVP/Sleeper Weekly Events/Prizes New as of 12-19

I know theres a million other more important topics like, should I buy it?, Rust or DayZ, Zombies ate my cat, and people giving away free pie over the internet???..BUT,
I would like to invite you to try out our new server. It’s alot like the other servers(not gonna lie), but the people and the community are what make good games like this great.
We’re not great yet(It was only started last night), but we have taken several steps in the right direction and have met a dozen or so pretty cool people, that seem like nice lads(until they get raided).

We have two active admins(I am one :slight_smile: that will be monitoring, chatting, assisting, and playing among you(fairly too I might add. We do not approve of admin abuse. Plus that takes the fun out of the game).
We have events planned, such as Arenas and Hunger Games themed events (I don’t want to give too much away, but we have some great ideas so far). Fabulous in game prizes to the winners!
Those will begin once we have(we hope) a decent and stable population. So if you are new or want a fresh start on a server that should be alot of fun, check us out!

I wish the server name was better(I didn’t do it), but please feel free to check out:
EPICLootGames PVP/Slpr 12/21.

It is based out of Chicago U.S. and has a darn nice ping(so I’ve been told all day by the random people that have stopped by and made our server their home).
Not to get ahead of ourselves, because maybe no one else will join, but once we get that stable population and if the community wants it,
we will open a website with forums, just for our servers community to chat, or form groups, yell at each other, organize wars/fights, and whatever else happens.

Join between now and Christmas and get a free in game gift from you humble admins!
Just mention that you saw this post to myself(Nolimit54) or Dread_Nos.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and hope to meet you in game :slight_smile:

We have been complimented on our good ping!
We have had a few cool people come through so far.
If you mention this post in game to myself(Nolimit54) or Dread_Nos, we will reward you a starter gift.(Limited time offer-Through Christmas)

Bumping for a good time :rock:

We have a record high of 5 people on at the same time lol. Hey…it’s a start.

Happy Holidays!

Bump the halls with bows of holly!

one more time:zoid: