Just opened last night, come join our community!


net.connect in console to join us!


100 Slots
Sleepers: On
Airdrops: On
Door Sharing
Private Messaging
Active Admins

Player Rules:
No hacking will be tolerated, instant ban
No duping or abusing bugs
No placing of permanent structures to grief other players
No advertising other servers
No spamming chat

Admins on our server do not spawn items for themselves or others, we are interested in a fair play game.

My name is Dylan, and I just got banned from this server after people I killed claimed I was ‘speed hacking’. I was at Big Rad and I killed one person that was trying to kill me with melee, and I killed him with my M4 what I was walk, while sprinting through his attacks to dodge them. I then heard lots of gunshots up the road, so I went up and saw someone looting a body, I took aim and killed him with a headshot. While I was looting the body, I feel incredibly paranoid, and I hear footsteps, look up and see somebody sprinting at me, they get a shot into me with a shotgun (I’m wearing full leather) and I hipfire into a headshot and kill them. I loot everything I can carry and start heading off to my base, before I get banned. Just because I’m getting a lot of killed doesn’t mean I’m hacking, and you (hud) didn’t even spec us. I found my M4 in a Radtown. Now you’ve just banned all my friends over a suspection, they told you what happened. You didn’t even spectate me to see if I was hacking, you just took the people I killed’s word, the ones that were probably mad about losing their stuff.

Dylan: you were banned because I caught you speedhacking in my invis gear and watched you cross an entire valley in about 1.5 seconds. When I banned you, your childish friends began to spam my server so I banned everyone associated with you. Hope your next server works out better for you, or hope VAC improves and bans you. I would also like to point out to everyone else that if one of your friends in your group are caught cheating on our server, you are at risk of being banned as well. We have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating.

Bull fucking shit, I was at rad town and I killed a fresh spawn that only had a rock, and he cried hacks, and then everyone that I killed just joined in. My friend suggested I should record, but then I decided it was too laggy, take it for what it is, because it’s all I have. I’m a victim of a shitty witchhunt, of which you didn’t even bother to properly investigate, because I didn’t hack. My best guess is that you wanted to steal all of our stuff, because of the fact that we snowballed so hard. Anyways, the video in question: