[US]Chicago NubFriendly/Dcay:F/DoorS/Slpr/instcraft ActiveAdmins

Come Join Us!!! Invite your friends. Make new Friends or Enemies >:) and take other peoples stuff.

This is a PVP Server that has been freshly wiped as of 1/19/2014.

[Oxide Mod is used on this Server]

  • Noob Friendly
  • Bounties: Place it and they will die by the hands of the hunter. :slight_smile:
  • Economy: Buy Some items using money you make from bounties and killing things
  • Groups: Create a Group with group chat, inviting and more…
  • Free For All, With no hackers tolerated
  • Active Admins
  • 100 Slots that can be increased if the need arises
  • Decay: Buildings only start to decay after 30 days if the timer is not reset (opening and closing doors that are on the same foundation) decay will be turned off again once a working mod is available.
  • Door Share: Other players you share with can open your doors
  • Sleeper: Your Character is always on the server. Build your base up and hope you Defenses protect you.
  • Insta Craft: There is No Crafting Cool Down

Will wipe the server and start fresh if enough players join.

Teamspeak Server
IP: ts3.ggwp.org - No Password
*Only players playing on this server may be on the Teamspeak Server

Connect trough console (F1)