[US-Chicago] PRAISE THE SUN GOD! |PVP|Sleepers|Vanilla|FRESH 2/8| Fair Admins



Sever Info: Praise the Sun God is a public, 100 slot Sleeper, Vanilla server located in US East.
Server Provider: Multiplay
**Rules: **
-PVP is on and Encouraged
-KOS on Fresh Spawns are discouraged
-Griefing is allowed but frowned upon
-No Spamming
-Have fun!

Praise the Sun God! Our community is about having a good time, with good friends and to help people learn the game. There are several folks who cooperate, and many who enjoy the strong structure of our server. We have a team of professional admins who monitor the server 24/7. Any player suspected of hacking is immediately investigated and dealt with, swiftly. We would like to invite you to join us, as the server is brand new, active, and very tight knit. Remember when dawn comes, for we all give thanks to the Sun God!

Bump, we’re an active and brand new server. Come help populate!

Good morning, need a fresh start? Come try our server! Brand new, pure vanilla, absolutely zero admin abuse.


Looking for new players, seeking a solid server to call home!

We’ve had a great number of people join today, jump in and enjoy!

Good morning, plenty of room on the server and fresh areas to begin your base building adventures.

Good morning, we have been averaging about 40 players during peak times. Now is the time to join!

We are now, Cheatpunch (Anti-Cheat) enabled!

This is a great server to play on and I have tons of fun playing on it. The admins seem fair in their decisions and there is usually one on at all times. They quickly deal with any problems that occur.

Overall worth looking into. 5/5.

Please beware of this server, as they tout it being “No Admin abuse”.

NatGarro who posted above me, is an admin, server owner, or friend who has admin powers. Not an actual unbiased player.

My friends and I were just banned from their server this morning; They told all the players on that myself and my group were hacking, and using no-clip (Just days after cheatpunch came out, we somehow wrote a new hacking program that bi-passed all the coders at Facepunch, and did not get banned using our newly made program)

I reality, four of my friends and I raided their “Unraidable” base. We had well over 20 C4, and their base was poorly designed - although I will say it was a very nice looking build. Sadly in Rust, looks negate defense and vice versa.

Two of the players who lived there were on during the raid, and tried defending their base with sniper fire. We sniped all of them until they had res timers and proceeded to blow in through outer walls. The base was huge, but wooden with no thought to design. We ended up taking around 7 large sotrage boxes of loot, and this was after using their raw materials to craft 10+ C4 over the course of the raid using their own furnaces and workbenches.

The two players defending the base had Admin powers and watched us do it in godmode teleporting around to watch us. One of them was NatGarro, the other was “xluto”

xluto told us that they wouldn’t cheat to get back at us, they would raid us “legit”. Lol. Ok.

So after we took alllll their shit, those two admins logged off, and we proceeded to carry it back to our bases. While we we sorting and building, the OP “Arenthas” logged on. He changed his name to “PTSG Admin” and teleported all over the map to each of us to see where we were, all the while telling us he was making sure “We weren’t cheating” and “He would keep the locations of our bases private”

So I went to bed, woke up six hours later aaaaand SURPRISE. They raided our bases, blew up our shit (Even though just 6 hours ealier they had all their C4 and resources stolen, and probably 90% of their gear) banned all of us as we logged on, and told the server we “no clip hacked into their base with no C4”

When I logged on I was trying to type in chat and was instantly banned.

So, they can say we hacked, which if anyone read about the release of Cheatpunch they could see is pure bull, they can say we coded our own cheats overnight, and they can call out our friend as a “Hacker who got VAC banned”

By the way, that friend is: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982041428/

He was VAC banned 5.92 years ago. He was using a macro he made in-game, and people thought that was enough to call him a cheater. I don’t even remember what game it was, and I doubt it would be considered cheating in most games; he has a tendency to piss bad players off, so I’m banking on that.

ALso, he didn’t even participate in the raid on the admins base, so I don’t see how his “Cheating haxxors” could have teleported us inside their walls.

TLDR: Admin abuse on this server, as usual. IDC because the server has a very low pop, and 10-15 people are in the same guild as the Admins of the server, and If you mess with them, they spawn C4, raid you into oblivion, and ban you. Gg.

Cya guys later on the server we’re starting this morning, because we are tired of butthurt admins who abuse the game and rage. Maybe you shouldn’t be playing Rust If you can’t handle being raided, because I know I can. Laters ~

Server keeps going down every day too… I’ve been playing in this server, so far no hackers though, or admin abuse I could tell. So… idk. I guess im playing in it until i get banned or something.

Hi guys, my name is -thugnificent- on steam. I was playing on this server for a few days and last night i was banned. The admins claimed to witness my “cheating” of some kind, but clearly misread what happened. I was shot with a bow and bolt action rifles a few times (was wearing leather) each of which were more than 3 or 4 seconds apart from the last hit. Every time i was struck i used a green medkit and ate 2 or 3 food. They were unhappy that i didn’t die and banned me with out a second thought. When my brother tried to explain my case and ask where i can appeal, they said no appeals and told him to play else where. If the admins were more responsible maybe they could check the combat logs? (if there are any idk how rust works from the admins point of view) and clearly see i survived all within the limits of the game.

If you’re thinking of playing here be warned, if you raid the admins base and they aren’t happy with the outcome they will happily ban you. :smiley:

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just noticed the long post above mine about admin abuse, clearly these clowns are just some angry 14 year olds

Yea I’d like to add to this,

Server appears to have RAMPANT admin abuse. I was LANing with -thugnificent-, playing in the same room, and streaming on twitch.tv/therealbigbudz

I had noticed an invisible model near me (noticed the nametag) at first I was concerned of a hacker. Then I realized it was probably the admin watching me run people down. I was ok with this because I know I wasn’t hacking.

About 30-45 minutes later me and Thug were fighting the (we’ll call them “admins” – most likely RL friends of admins). It was 10-2, Thug was hurt, so was I, lagspike hit, both of us took more damage. Then as we are retreating, Thug gets DC’d by admin, deemed a hacker.

  1. Thugnificent was playing on a borrowed computer, in my room. No Hacks

  2. Thugnificent has 500+ hours of Rust and CS:GO - Skill

  3. This server had lag problems all day, and the one time a shot doesn’t register they flip out and ban somebody.

Basically the server is filled with butthurt baby back bitches, it took us 1 day to get full gear and a ban. Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem on the server.

Also why announce that you are using Cheatpunch, but then make executive decisions to ban people for things that YOU KNOW cheatpunch will detect?

And i was just Banned for no reason