[US CHICAGO] PVP - Sleepers - Instacraft - Active Admins - Fresh server 01/31/2014

name: [US CHICAGO] PVP/Sleepers/Instacraft/Active Admin 1-31


about: A group of RL friends banded together to create a fun hacker free rust server. We have multiple active, friendly, and trustworthy admins. As the community grows we plan to try and host some events. Most decisions will be voted on by the players. Our first day we had 15 people. The more people the faster it will grow! Hope to see you guys in game!

location: US

donations: no

pvp: yes

beginner-friendly: yes

seeking-admins: no

reddit-contact-user: /u/sunseteffect

has-voice-server: no

crafting-time-percent: 0

slots: 100

admin-power-usage: for good, mostly just for preventing hackers

admin-usernames: uberskillzlulz, ballsdeepinyourdad, Sayis, Rumple Toughskin

sleepers: yes

airdrop-min-players: 30

mini-games: yes

site: NONE

forum: NONE

server-launched: 01-31-2014

entry-updated: 02-01-2014