[US Chicago] PVP / Sleepers / Instant Craft / Active Admins - 1/06/2014


We would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come check out our Rust server! Our server is new and therefore ideal for those seeking a fresh start! While the thread title basically sums up the server, here is some additional server info:

-Low ping
-Instant Craft
-Active Admins
-Airdrops at 10 players

Thanks for taking the time to view this thread; hope to see some of you soon!


We are also opening up our Mumble to any groups who would like a place to chat. If interested, simply hop on Mumble and join the Help Desk channel and an admin will set your group up with your own channel.


**This server is now running Oxide Mod!

  • Door sharing
  • Chat history
  • Death messages
  • New player starting kits
  • Private Messaging
  • C4 uncraftable (still spawns in crates/zombies/airdrops).

Just type /help when you join the server for a list of commands!**

The server was down for a little bit last night due to the update but is now updated and ready!

Hope to see some new people today! :slight_smile:

hi :smiley: :=)

this server is very good and the best ever

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

We just had an influx of players join the server; I heard quite a few gun shots so I’m guessing some pvping went down.

If you’re looking for some action, now is the time to join!

great server good admin

This Server is great. You guys should get your friends to join.:zoid::rock:

Bump. Had a lot of fun last night with those who joined; hope to see some more people joining tonight!

If you’re still looking for a good server to either restart on or start for the first time on - come check us out! Still lots of places to set up camp and if you’re coming from another server, you’ll “catch up” to where you were quickly thanks to instant craft!

Great Server, Great Admins, No Lag, Semi Population And The Best Community I Have Seen In A Long Time.

Just removed two hackers using aimbot and ESP; admin staff is doing their best to weed out and remove any cheaters.

Other server owners watch out for:

“Pootis Hoovy” - STEAM_0:1:55323957


“FunnyMouth” - STEAM_0:1:51520757

Note: FunnyMouth has a VAC ban from 110 days ago.

Server is broke keeps restarting every 5 minutes.

I think you’re talking about the wrong server; I’ve been in the server for the past 5 hours and it hasn’t restarted once. I don’t think there’d be 18 players on if the server was “broke”. :rolleyes:

Hey a bunch of people join the server last a night! Had a great time meeting new people; come check out the server if you’re still looking for a place to play!

Added Oxide Mod. :smile:

Come join the fun~

Lowered the amount of players needed for airdrops.


Need help populating the server guys, just added some more mods. Come check it out!

good server lots of fun

awesome server, prob one of the best ones that ive been to so far. everyone gives you a chance if your a fresh spawn.

Tweaked a few of the mod scripts for more balanced play.

Come check out the server, we’d love to have you!