[US] Chicago - PVP - Twitch.tv - Active Admins

Hello everyone!

Just putting it out there if anyone is looking for a new server. It is on chicago and hosted by multiplay. I stream a bunch @ twitch.tv/sooner so you know myself and the other two admins will be active. The server is fresh as of 12/29 I believe with about a day downtime due to ddos so everyone doesn’t have guns and kevlar just yet. We are friendly and will try to help you as you learn the game BUT this is a PVP server so you will be raided and shot at a lot. Don’t join if you dont like action. Thanks!

Server ip :

f1 to bring up console and type net.connect

The last twitch server I was in was Rustlyfe. The server was constantly DDOS’d because a popular streamer was playing there.

I was also immediately banned from the server after I killed the streamer because I was considered a stream sniper.

:confused: well sorry