[US/Chicago] Rusty Den - PvP / Sleepers / DoorShare / HalfCraft

[US/Chicago] Rusty Den [PvP,Sleeper,DoorShare,1/2Craft]

Created: 1/17/2014


  • 50 Slots
  • PvP
  • Sleepers
  • Half craft
  • Air Drops at 25 players minimum
  • Active Admins
  • Door Sharing
  • Ping
  • Player Logon Notifications Only

Fresh Server Need Players/Groups!


Public VOIP coming soon as playerbase grows

Running RustEssentials Mod 1.2.5
DoorSharing Disabled Until Mod Updated to 1.2.6 which should happen soon.

Hello. i was wondering if you guys need any admins? my name is willson. but everyone calls me will. im 18. and i an handle most situations with logical calm answers. so if you could. contact me on steam at Willson150. id love to hear from you guys

Reverted Change

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RustEssentials Updated. DoorShare is working properly again. Come in and build in a fresh server.

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Willson, Currently we are full on admins for the amount of players we have. As the server fills, we may need more moderators.

Thank your for your interest. Feel free to come play, though!

Still looking for more or new players to help fill the server!

This server is still in need of more players! We are fairly empty with a few players joining, but we would love to have groups join. There is so much unused space for bases and looting!