[US CHICAGO] TNS (PvP/Sleeper) Active Admins Server NEW 1/1

fair active admins
PVP on
Sleeper on
Noob Friendly
100 Slots

If you are looking for a fresh start to get ahead server just came online 10mins ago.

We decided to start this server to have a fair playing field, with no admin abuse.
The last server we played on was listed as a PvP server. we raided the admin not knowing it was his house and he got mad and turned on god mode.

Airdrops set at default amount so massive amounts of c4 won’t be running around until the player base grows.

Steam Group


Public Raidcall

Press F1 ingame and paste the IP below

Sounds good.
I need a fresh start.

10 players active and growing. pretty good for 2 hour old server :slight_smile:

Awesome! I was looking for a server without everyone having huge metal fortresses and raiding even the smallest house. Finally I wont be gunned down as a new spawn.

14 people currently online in 3 hours of up time.

Bring your friends!

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20 people currently playing server is running smooth!

Went on a resource run and saw a bunch of people already!


20 people active right now!

30+ On a day old server!

36 people active! 12 more and we get airdrops :slight_smile:

This server is growing fast. Nice.

Great server, friendly community that is growing. Join up people.

50+ people in 3 days, what the hell.

had a record top today at 58 active!

67 people currently online. airdrops are active currently with 50+ people!

Admin who i just killed like 4 times, you just banned me for no reason at all. I do not hack, just because I kill you and your group of friends doesn’t mean I hack. You cant just ban me for killing you guys. My aim is just good so whoever banned me either give me some concrete evidence which you cant because I play normally like 90% of people or unban me.
Ign- [$ Shot Tetris]

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On January 16, 2014(7:00PM EST) the admins got mad at me for killing them, then they banned me, they also roll around with a person who hacks and he gets a free pass. Dont Join This Shitty Server admins abuse all day and get mad after they die even though they probably spawn their shit in anyway. If you guys want a shitty server that the admins abuse go join this dump.

(8:30PM EST) They just banned the rest of my clan these admins are major abusers DO NOT GO TO THIS SERVER